Horse Slaughter – Mary Nash’s Horse Slaughter Website

Horse Slaughter – A detailed study of

horse slaughter and those who promote horse slaughter and make money


the killing of American horses for human consumption

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Did you know?

*The U.S. has approximately 10 million horses, and historically only 1% end up going to slaughter annually. 
*The average age of a slaughter horse is 4 to 6 years old. 
*Not old or sick, 92.3% are in good to excellent condition with no behavioral problems according to a USDA study. 
*Only 4% of a horses slaughtered are over 9 years old. 
*In a poll by the prestigious Lake Research Partners, 80% of Americans say no to horse slaughter.

Horse slaughter fact sheet – (pdf link)
Fact Sheet provided by Texas Humane Legislation Network

Congressman Jim Moran Calls on USDA to Deny Horse Slaughter Facility Permits

Mayor Paula Bacon Letter regarding horse slaughter and the affects on her community

Project Vote Smart – Find who represents you on a federal and state level and how they voted on issues

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