Student guest post: Captain, our sensors have detected Prions moving into the Medula Oblangata!

Student guest post by Bradley Christensen No, this isn’t a clip from a science fiction movie.  Although dramatic, this does occur in the brains of some people and animals around on our home planet.  What is a prion you ask?

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

So we are boycotting Beef in order to get the SAFE Act passed to stop slaughtering our horses/burros, domestic and wild.  Another reason not to eat beef.  Prion Disease, or Mad Cow is prevelant in cattle, along with other toxic waste from mining interests, including Uranium, Mercury and Arsenic that these animals are forced to drink from. My next question would be….Wait….WHAT?  This is what we have been eating?  So if we can remove the cattle causing the majority of problems on our Public Lands with grazing permits…….and save this land for the animals that live on it AND possibly keep from getting Alzhiemer’s disease that may be associated with Prion disease……my answer in a nutshell, ABSOLUTELY.

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