CENSORED NEWS: Secrecy and profiteering in non-profit grants for Indigenous causes

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Northern Cheyenne children victims of Catholic Church profiteering and abuse
In area where Indian children live in desperate need in southeastern Montana, St Labre Indian School has been enriching itself and the Catholic Church at the cruel expense of Northern Cheyenne children. 
St Labre Indian School was sued by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe for economic profiteering from the children’s misery. Here’s the court document: http://turtletalk.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/st-labre-indian-school-response-brief.pdf
St Labre’s income for the year 2011 was $57 million and $30 million of that came from contributions. Again, just drive through Northern Cheyenne country and you will see those millions are not going to the Cheyenne. http://www.bbb.org/charity-reviews/national/education-and-literacy/st-labre-indian-school-educational-association-in-ashland-mt-295/financial
While enriching the Catholic Church with millions, the priests have been sexually abusing the Northern Cheyenne children at St Labre Indian School.

See on bsnorrell.blogspot.com


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