On Wyoming’s Range, Water Is Scarce but Welfare Is Plenty

Western ranchers frequently enjoy vast discounts on public grazing fees. So why are they so angry about sharing space with America’s beloved wild horses?

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Great article and one that will help you understand the contenscious behavior of both side.


“While RGSA is complaining about a hundred extra wild horses on two million acres of land– half of which are publicly owned– RGSA is permitted to have the year-round equivalent of tens of thousands of private livestock grazing on these same lands for its own economic benefit at taxpayer expense enough though, despite RGSA’s statement to the contrary, this livestock is competing for the same forage that is needed by the wild horses that are statutorily required to be protected (emphasis in original).”

See on www.theatlantic.com


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