OpEdNews Article: Saving Our Wild Horses

I believe the wild horses of the West are beautiful. They are also a part of Americana. Sadly, not everyone agrees. For years now they have been rounded up by the cruel BLM helicopters. They have also been sold for slaughter to Mexico and Canada.

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Keep in mind however, this was posted in June 2013, so we do have more folks on board, but nearly enough to get this done before the new Congress is seated.

All the petitions I received I signed, BUT no one told me something that the Sussman newsletter did.  Only 13 of 100 Senators have signed onto the bill and 105 of 435 Representatives.  We need many more of them to come on board if there will be a chance of passage. 
This is shocking in my estimation.  These compassionate and caring legislators: Senators Mary Landrieu D-LA and Lindsey Graham R-SC introduced S-541 (Safe Act); Representatives Patrickk Meehan R-PA and Jan Schakowskyu D-IL introduced HR-1094  (Safe Act).  They need support!  

See on www.opednews.com


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