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EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Finally, someone “gets” how I feel as an advocate.  It is more than  feeling “hungry”, it is a neverending desire, a fire that will not go out.  The need to speak for them.  I feel like I am living among Extraterrestrials.  They (family and friends) do not understand me, my passion to “do no harm” to the other sentient beings on our planet.  Why is it that?  Something that I innately feel so intensely, at such a deep and passionate level, but yet, cannot explain that depth to others.  It is so very lonely, frustrating, painful and exhausting teaching others something that should come to them naturally.  I know I was born with an “empathy” gene, but cannot understand why others don’t have it, hidden away somewhere and all I need to do is “trigger” some internal memory of life as it was centuries ago, in hopes that they will rise up and speak “Truth to Power”.  It is a constant “hunger pang” in knowing the truth but yet unable to reach and educate others to this simple fact that they “belong” as much as we do.  It cannot be quashed until I am able to help free our “Sisters and Brothers” from cruelty and exploitation.  After all, they really only differ slightly from our DNA.

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