Your Diet Affects Your Grandchildren’s DNA, Scientists Say

What you eat may cause epigenetic changes that set up your grandkids for obesity and other diseases.

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Can you imagine the impact of your food decisions on your granchildren, great-grandchildren or the millions of people that will be created due to your DNA?  It is well worth understanding that truly “You are what you eat.”  The ramifications of food decsions that you make today, will impact entire generations to come.  Scary indeed.

I am made from millions of people before me..   I have only been able to trace my lineage back to about 7,000 people. I wonder, what food decisions did they make in order to give me the DNA I have today? What was it that they ate that impacts my health issues today?

But doesn’t this make sense?  Think about the Plague in the Dark Ages.  How many families were spared because they had the right genetics in order to survive a bite from an infected flea and yet, others were not as fortunate?

I can imagine that the food choices we are making today, which are chock full of antibiotics, GMO’s, etc, will have one hellva impact on our generations to come.  Can you imagine the health crisis our progeny will be faced with?  I would say it will be one of “epic” porportions. Not to mention the devastation to the animal lineage. 

Time to rethink what we eat in order to stop the coming centuries of misery we are passing down to those that are not even born yet. 

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