Governor says she has no legal power to stop horse slaughterhouse

EPONA – Equine Protection of North America‘s insight:

Heads up Roswell, NM! Even if you don’t agree with what is being said about how inhumane equine slaughter is, then maybe this will help change your mind. You really believe that your city will benefit from opening a slaughter plant? Maybe you should rethink this all together after reading what this Mayor went through, and if you don’t, not only will you be known as the “Alien Capital of the World” but also having the Notorious Distinction of opening the first slaughter hell hole in the USA after a seven year moratorium. Good luck with tourism after you get that started! I sure as hell would never even think about visiting your city EVER. 


““Five million dollars in federal funding was spent annually to support three foreign-owned horse slaughter plants: Dallas Crown, Beltex in Fort Worth and Cavel in DeKalb, Illinois,” claims Bacon. “When Dallas Crown’s tax records came to light in the city’s legal struggle, we found they’d paid only $5 in federal taxes on a gross income of over $12 million. They liked to say they were good corporate citizens. But it is my belief they were more like corporate thugs.””

or how about this statement:

“The twice-elected Bacon has plenty of gruesome stories to share, dating back to the ’80’s, when the Belgian-owned Dallas Crown put in a pump to force horse blood through the city sewer system and burst the pipes. Within hours, horse blood backed up into residents’ bathtubs and bubbled up through city streets.”

If you really want to understand this issue and all of the complexities that it entails, you will want to read this very well written and researched information by Vickery Eckhoff.

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