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Deb Schroer‘s insight:

When we pay taxes to support law enforcement, judicial system and our "Top Cops" the Attorney Generals’ office, we expect that they enforce ALL laws including those laws that prevent animal abuse and cruelty. When our justice system works, it works very well, 

unfortunately, in this case it failed miserably. When you create a atmosphere of fear using the law, it is the greatest deterrent to crime. Using harsh sentences, especially against criminals that are using animals to make profits, works and works well.


If these animals are further compromised by the actions of those criminals we must demand, DEMAND that our judicial system step up and stop it and implement stiff penalties to those that ignore our laws. Those penalties will deter heartless and profit driven criminals right where it hurts, in their profit margin. In order to do that, if the perpetrator is in jail, they cannot make profits, so they must also include longer instances of jail time. If those laws and stiff penalties were imposed upon people using animals for profit, who cause further injurious damages to those animals, this would stop. When these criminals are given light sentences, and minimal fines, there is absolutely nothing to to prevent them from continuing on with their "business as usual" attitude and behavior.


This particular case reeks of favoritism, cronyism and "looking the other way" in order to rid NM of their perceived "horse overpopulation issue" caused by out-of-state truckers who are dumping horses that are "not fit for slaughter" at their borders.


Imagine this…… a horse has been without water, food and exercise for 32 hours or more, then arrives at the border and it is then turned away by the facility because they are too sick to slaughter. The trucker puts that animal back on a truck, thirsty, hungry and tired from fighting for its life in a cramped, overloaded trailer only to be dumped in the desert where there is no food, water or safety in numbers. Then to add insult to injury, this animal may have a life threatening illness, such as cancer, etc. and that is the main reason it was refused for slaughter. If that isn’t criminal, I sure as hell don’t know what is.


These are the real criminals and should be pursued relentlessly. Once they are caught and heavy fines and/or jail sentences are imposed on them for dumping already compromised animals into NM, the truckers will spread the word and fast, that NM is tough and will not stand for the dumping of these animals. And will stop any and all additional horses from being left in such cruel conditions, adding to the number of horses that NM sees as a overpopulation issue.

This is unconscionable beyond words. These animals were failed by their owners, by the industry that uses their bones for profit and by the justice system. They have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to die such a cruel and hateful death.

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