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I hope that everyone notes this same story is being played out all over the world.  The petition to stop the culling of the less than 1,000 wild horses remaining in Alberta, Canada needs signatures.  We’re asking our readers to help out and sign this:


It is believed that there are blood lines in the wild horses, dating back to the Spanish Barb, or even ancient blood lines.  If those rare blood lines are removed indiscriminately in a cull, they will be lost forever.  Canada and the world will lose a unique heritage animal.  Biologists, photographers, tourists and future generations will lose the opportunity to study and experience these rare wild horses (often referred to as Wildies).

According to the Alberta government there’s less than 1000 horses remaining, in an area of 8500 sq km.  Despite these low numbers, they claim there are too many horses competing with the…

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Please join our effort to keep the DEFUNDING in the Ag budget!

Please join our effort to keep the DEFUNDING in the Ag budget!

The defunding language was removed from the Ag Budget in 2011 in a sneaky move on the part of Sen Blunt, Sen Kohl and Rep Kingston. We are faced with equine slaughter operations opening on US soil for the first time in 6 years because of this deceptive move. We do NOT want that language removed this time! The American Taxpayer is already dealing with poor inspections of our meat due to the budget cuts. We do not want the USDA inspecting meat that will not be used in the American food supply!

But THIS time We The People are aware that the Ag Appropriations Conference will be held shortly. The House and Senate Bills are identical and therefore do not need to be reconciled! They are IDENTICAL! It is undemocratic to pull out this language!

Our horses are unfit for human consumption, and we do not want our tax dollars funding USDA inspections at the tune of $400k per plant, per year. 80% of Americans are opposed to equine slaughter.

Please sign and share this TIME SENSITIVE petition! We only have a few days!

Proposed Animal Protection Laws that Need Your Action NOW …

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What you can do: Send an email and call your federal legislators in Congress and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094), a bill to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

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Public lands in BLM Ely District are dirt cheap: $2 an acre

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SOURCE:  BLM Nevada website Just a quick update:  On Dec. 10, 2013, the BLM Ely District in Nevada held an oil & gas lease sale auction that raked in $1,979,581 on 93,816 .320 acres (54 parcels…

Deb Schroer‘s insight:

Where in the world could you ever find land that cheap?

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Video: National Day of the Horse Message from Equine Advocates

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From Equine Advocates and endorsed by Wild Horse Freedom Federation We’re about to send our E-Blast on this, but I wanted all of you to see our new video with a special message about Wild Horses &a…

Deb Schroer‘s insight:

Such a wonderful message!  Please share and enjoy on this National Day of the Horse! Oh, and don’t forget our mighty donkeys and burros, they matter too!

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​The Handwritten Letter | What you Can do to Pass the SAFE Act of 2013 | Hippies for Horses –

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What you Can Do to Help Pass the SAFE Act of 2013 The Handwritten Letter… What to write or not. It’s time to do something different to ban horse slaughter in America.

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