Human Casualties in the Long War for Horses

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Despite many dedicated people fighting horse slaughter,  horses continue to be dumped at auction by irresponsible breeders/owners, and are trucked for long distances.  Horses endure terrible condit…

Deb Schroer‘s insight:

How can we, as human beings, allow this to continue, day in and day out, years on end and not stop it? We need some mighty voices that will NOT back down and be bullied by these bastards. I know, why not think in these terms…..this is for the Slackers, the "do nothings" that just state, "What a pity" and move on.


Hello Slacker!  You are going along in your selfish pursuit of happiness, taking care of the little details that make you and your families lives so rich. Why bother with a little detail of other creatures suffering? Why step out your little bubble to speak for those that have no voice right? Make sure that you have a perfect existence, a clean home, packages wrapped so expertly and put under the tree with love (since you are the one that will garner the credit for being so festive and thoughtful) and head out, do more shopping, get your nails and hair done, attend that sporting event and just continue ignore this issue all together, after all, it is not your concern right?  It doesn’t affect you, right?

Wrong……turning a "blind eye" to any cruelty being perpetrated on other human beings or animals is one thing, but total and absolute denial that "others" can take care of this, so you can enjoy your happiness and freedom from worry is WRONG on so many levels. We, the people. who speak against these crimes and deal with the emotional daily assault of picking up your slack is WRONG. Clearly you have a serious "character defect"  when you can not come out your own life of pleasure and indulgence to use your voice to help others that have absolutely NO ONE to help them get free from the daily cruel assaults on their lives, for profit, for a piece of paper, ribbon or trophy.

But no worries, you can sleep peaceful, enjoy your holidays and pleasures in life all while knowing that someone else is taking on people that have no soul and will not adhere to the Laws of Nature and God, which is to do no harm to others, human or animal. Throwing money at an issue, without working to stop it, is not a solution.


Because you have a character defect doesn’t mean you cannot change it.  Write, call or act daily to change the Status Quo for these compromised souls……..or not, either way we will just keep on picking up your slack!


SLACK ON! And do so enjoy your holidays!


And for those that work to change the lives of so many billions that are under assault, I salute you, your courage, stamina and commitment to make this right.  You, my friend, are a Hero and deserve to be free and happy as well. As for me, I am only one, but I can make a difference, even if it goes unnoticed.


It is what feeds my soul in knowing that I am doing everything in my power to stop any and all cruelty towards any of God’s Creatures. My reward will be this, that the legacy I leave behind will be one of knowing that I did everything in my power to teach others to care and once that seed is planted, I am hopeful that a forest of unimaginable proportions sprouts an army of people speaking out and up against any and all cruelty, every day, and that it will continue to grow and thrive long after I am gone.


May you find Peace and Healing Energy in the daily task of caring.


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