“The Fable of the Sheep and the Horses”: Take a Listen to the 6,000-Year-Old Language of Our Ancestors

Very interesting to hear my ancestors language.


Image by Sylvia Duckworth. Image by Sylvia Duckworth.

Language is a defining characteristic of a people. Indeed, words are imbued not only with meaning but with a lineage all their own.  They are embedded with clues to their past—how a people lived, what they valued, how they worshipped and what bound them as a culture.  Once the last speaker of a language passes on, we lose an immeasurably important piece of our collective past. It has happened thousands of times throughout history as languages rise and fall, morph and meld. Thankfully, technology is allowing us to record and save some of these sounds before they disappear. Linguists are helping us to rediscover the languages of our past in order to preserve them for the future, as for example, with the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language spoken some 6,000 years ago.  Today, incredibly, we can just sit in front of our computers to listen to the actual…

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Advocates call for improved safety, reforms to Pennsylvania horse racing

Tuesday's Horse

Starting gate at Penn National racecourse. Photographer unknown. Starting gate at Penn National racecourse. Photographer unknown.

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Advocates for improved safety in horse racing are calling for sweeping changes in Pennsylvania, a matter they say has been underscored by a recent criminal investigation at Penn National Race Course in Dauphin County.

Last November, a federal grand jury indicted three trainers and a track employee. The trainers, David Wells, Sam Webb and Patricia Rogers were accused of fraud after allegedly trying to dope horses with medications not permitted within 24 hours of a race.

Danny Robertson, who was employed at the track as a clocker, allegedly provided false workout times in exchange for cash.

All four pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.

Penn National spokesman Fred Lipkin said the four were banned from the track and called them “a few bad apples.” Lipkin declined a request for an on-camera interview.


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As a very proud rescue Mom of four elderly horses, this is something that must be talked about if we are to get them SAFE through legislation. We need our govt. to give more grants, more funds to help save our horses and burros!

Blue Star Equiculture Blog

The most frustrating part about this work is the constant fundraising. Every donation we receive goes right to the horses, and that’s how it should be! It is exhausting convincing people everyday that this place, that these horses, this burning passion for draft horses is worth being fueled by their donations. That our mission, efforts, and ideas are worth supporting.

HOW do you convince people that these horses are worth it? That WE are ALL better off with them by our side? That our elderly horses deserve a dignified retirement? That horses like Bill and Buford should have a place to recover from their traumatic pasts?


How can I possibly explain to anyone how valuable and special Duchess and Chyna are?! They are in their THIRTIES and are proud, elegant, fabulous old ladies. The majority of their molars are so worn down they can’t chew sufficiently, so their grain and…

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The Foreclosure Crisis

I am sure you are asking yourself the question as to why I am posting this on the SAFE Act, right? As a owner of rescued TB’s (all elderly) finding suitable property to lease with horses is impossible. There are no properties available with land, so even if we were to try and get more people to rescue our horses, they have absolutely no hope in finding suitable housing to do so.

Rcooley123's Blog

What happened to all the homes foreclosed on when the housing bubble burst? Millions of people lost their homes and most of their life savings when the value of their homes plummeted during the most recent financial collapse. Many found they could not keep up with mortgage payments, either because they lost their jobs during the recession or because they were overextended financially for some other reason. Some would say many never should have been offered the loans in the first place. The fact remains that many people went from pursuing the “American Dream” of home ownership to struggling just to keep a roof over their heads by renting in a very short span of time.

The banks lost tons of money on loans that would never be paid in full, but they did have something very tangible in place of the money – the property. The real estate still…

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The PMU Industry: 2013 Year in Review

Tuesday's Horse


2013 was a tumultuous year for the plight of horses.

What with the precarious and unnerving threat of horse slaughter resuming in the U.S., the adulterated horsemeat scandal in the EU and the continuing issues with the BLM’s incompetent range management of the wild horses, slaughter risk for these American icons and the shameless abuse during roundups and within holding facilities there was no dearth of trepidation for horse advocates around the globe.

As much as the PMU mares and their foals are not on the radar at all times, the exploitation and sad fate of these trusting creatures is nonetheless equally as important.

Despite the dwindling presence of PMU farms in North America and the subsequent relocation to China and other foreign lands, sales of the Premarin family of drugs derived from the urine of pregnant mares remain strong in North America and Pfizer continues to…

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The Unquestionable Right to Be . . . for all

Well past time we started giving them a voice and freedom.

Tuesday's Horse

Humans and non-humans are essential to one another in that together we all create a balance of ecology, an essential web of life. But for one species to manipulate another into an unfair and unbalanced partnership at the expense of the other’s freedom?
No . . . that is called slavery.
Missy Painter

I received a link in my inbox to an exquisitely written guest post by Missy Painter for Carriage Horses NYC.

She was writing about the horse drawn carriage debate raging in many quarters throughout the city of New York. Should they stay? Or should they go? The name of the article is “The Unquestionable Right To Be”.

Whether or not you are interested in the carriage horse situation in Manhattan, listen up.

Painter addresses a key issue that is central to this debate and many more like it when it comes to the way we think…

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