Breaking News – Bill C-571 Replaces Bill C-322

Please support the Canadians’ New Bill C-322.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

We bring you some urgent news today. 

The CHDC has received word from the office of MP Alex Atamanenko that Bill C-322 will not proceed to second reading but has been replaced by Bill C-571, a new act that is more likely to be supported by the majority of Parliament.

As we understand it, there has been a general lack of support from Members of Parliament for Bill C-322.  Certainly this is substantiated by the fact that we have not received one letter of support from Conservative MPs and their caucus encompasses most of Parliament.  The reason for the lack of support, we have learned, is the impact that the bill would have on trade, should it move forward and become law.  In this case, trade involves the export of horse meat and live horses to other countries.

The prediction is that Bill C-322 was doomed to…

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