Stats show live trapping of wild horses deadlier than helicopter roundups

Tuesday's Horse

The article that follows this introduction is a most relevant report.

First of all, the Fund for Horses are strongly opposed to the removal of wild horses from the range by any means or device.

However, we have often been told by wild horse roundup experts that bait trapping is more humane than helicopter roundups. Perhaps it is, if such a thing is really possible. To me it is like saying there are better ways to slaughter horses than others. How can that be? It can’t. It is all diabolical.

However, is bait trapping wild horses less deadly than helicopter roundups. One reporter found that in Oregon bait trapping — percentage wise — is deadlier.

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OPB Oregon Public Radio REPORT
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In the mountains outside John Day, Ore., a wild horse made a tasty find. Hay was strewn…

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