Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Horse Slaughter…

sara annon

I  updated this blog September 2017 because

  • “It’s discouraging to think
  • how many people are shocked by honesty
  • and how few by deceit.”
  • – Noël Coward

The anti-horseslaughter bill is back in congress, click here

I have gotten engaged in talking about horse slaughter  because while anti-slaughter activists are portrayed as ignorant, irrational, sentimentalists that refuse to face facts, it turns out that it is actually the pro-slaughter advocates who have felt quite free to twist the facts to suit their purposes. Read the following link to find out how the AP responded when a reporter that has been published in Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, and the Huffington Post asked them to correct the misinformation they are spreading:

“You sound like a fucking bitch”

So here are a few facts relevant to horse slaughter, and while you read them keep in mind that the accounting firm that the Government Accounting Office (GAO)…

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