As a very proud rescue Mom of four elderly horses, this is something that must be talked about if we are to get them SAFE through legislation. We need our govt. to give more grants, more funds to help save our horses and burros!

Blue Star Equiculture Blog

The most frustrating part about this work is the constant fundraising. Every donation we receive goes right to the horses, and that’s how it should be! It is exhausting convincing people everyday that this place, that these horses, this burning passion for draft horses is worth being fueled by their donations. That our mission, efforts, and ideas are worth supporting.

HOW do you convince people that these horses are worth it? That WE are ALL better off with them by our side? That our elderly horses deserve a dignified retirement? That horses like Bill and Buford should have a place to recover from their traumatic pasts?


How can I possibly explain to anyone how valuable and special Duchess and Chyna are?! They are in their THIRTIES and are proud, elegant, fabulous old ladies. The majority of their molars are so worn down they can’t chew sufficiently, so their grain and…

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