“The Fable of the Sheep and the Horses”: Take a Listen to the 6,000-Year-Old Language of Our Ancestors

Very interesting to hear my ancestors language.


Image by Sylvia Duckworth. Image by Sylvia Duckworth.

Language is a defining characteristic of a people. Indeed, words are imbued not only with meaning but with a lineage all their own.  They are embedded with clues to their past—how a people lived, what they valued, how they worshipped and what bound them as a culture.  Once the last speaker of a language passes on, we lose an immeasurably important piece of our collective past. It has happened thousands of times throughout history as languages rise and fall, morph and meld. Thankfully, technology is allowing us to record and save some of these sounds before they disappear. Linguists are helping us to rediscover the languages of our past in order to preserve them for the future, as for example, with the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language spoken some 6,000 years ago.  Today, incredibly, we can just sit in front of our computers to listen to the actual…

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