Racing, slaughter and the movie 50 to 1

Boycott this movie!

Tuesday's Horse

Horse racing is an international sport once thought of as the Sport of Kings. In too many instances in this modern age it is anything but.

There seems to be at least one shining example. Horse racing experts point to Hong Kong as a place where it is still done well. On the other end of the spectrum popular opinion says that US horse racing is a troubled sport full of doping, cheating, abuse and questionable breeding practices.

Sadly there is one issue almost all seem to have in common and that is horse slaughter. [1]

The slaughter of Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand in Japan and Exceller in Sweden put that tragic fact center stage. The report that downed and injured racehorses in England were dragged off the track and sent to slaughter keeps it there.

Now there is another connection between horse racing and horse slaughter.

A movie called

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