New BLM Director called to uphold federal Law to protect Wild Horses as ranchers threaten illegal roundups

Uphold the law! The only animals that should be removed are the cattle.

Tuesday's Horse


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Washington, DC (April 8, 2014) — Today, as the U.S. Senate confirmed Neil Kornze as the director of the Interior Department Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, its parent organization Return to Freedom and coalition partner The Cloud Foundation called upon the new BLM director to vigorously uphold federal law in the face of threats by ranchers in Utah and Nevada to illegally capture and remove federally-protected wild horses from public lands.

Across the West, ranchers are taking aim at wild horses because they view them as competition for cheap, taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing on public lands. However, the number of wild horses on BLM land – fewer than 35,000 on nearly 27 million acres– pales in comparison to the millions of livestock that graze on 155 million acres of BLM land in the West.

We expect Director Kornze to…

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