New BLM Director called to uphold federal Law to protect Wild Horses as ranchers threaten illegal roundups

Uphold the law! The only animals that should be removed are the cattle.

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Washington, DC (April 8, 2014) — Today, as the U.S. Senate confirmed Neil Kornze as the director of the Interior Department Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, its parent organization Return to Freedom and coalition partner The Cloud Foundation called upon the new BLM director to vigorously uphold federal law in the face of threats by ranchers in Utah and Nevada to illegally capture and remove federally-protected wild horses from public lands.

Across the West, ranchers are taking aim at wild horses because they view them as competition for cheap, taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing on public lands. However, the number of wild horses on BLM land – fewer than 35,000 on nearly 27 million acres– pales in comparison to the millions of livestock that graze on 155 million acres of BLM land in the West.

We expect Director Kornze to…

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Science and Wild Horse Herd Counts and BLM Are Not Friends – Never Have Been

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“When action is divorced from consequences, no one is happy with the ultimate outcome. If individuals can take from a common pot regardless of how much they put in it, each person has an incentive to be a free rider, to do as little as possible and take as much as possible because what one fails to take will be taken by someone else. Soon, the pot is empty and will not be refilled — a bad situation even for the earlier takers.”

When we, as research people, start perusing aspects of the Wild Horse Herd counts on Public Lands, and how these same horse herds interact with their environment, we discover rather quickly, two significant situations:

1. The Bureau of Land Management is stuck in a conundrum of lies — the problem being — that this government agency can no longer, or for quite sometime now, tell the truth…

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Lad of Sunnybank

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As I’m sure most of you are aware, I kinda like animals. Shocking, right? Someone call the paper, we have a breaking story: Wendy is a Fan of Animals. I know, I know, old news. But recently, on my weekly trip to the library, I came across a book I hadn’t seen in years.  And this unexpected trip down memory lane prompted the realization that this deep, undying appreciation for animals has been a part of me, woven into my DNA one might say, ever since childhood. You see, this love didn’t come when I was a teenager and had to dissect a pig in Biology class nor did it develop after some terribly traumatic experience forced me to re-think my stance on animal protection. It has, apparently, just always been there.

How do I know? One word: Lad. When I was a kid I loved this one book…

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More horses being shipped to Mexico, Canada for slaughter

Per Tuesday’s Horse;

“Long-haul trucks ferried 102,554 horses to slaughter houses in Mexico last year and 39,523 horses to facilities in Canada.”

Tuesday's Horse

Slaughterbound Horse at the Mexican Border. AA Photo. Slaughterbound Horse at the Mexican Border. Photo courtesy Animals’ Angels.

Long-haul trucks ferried 102,554 horses to slaughter houses in Mexico last year and 39,523 horses to facilities in Canada.

So states a sidebar to an article entitled, “More horses being shipped to Mexico, Canada for slaughter” written by Stewart M. Powell for Hearst Newspapers.

Not sure what to make of the thinking behind this quote:

Longtime Eagle Pass entrepreneur Raul Benavides ships 200 horses a week, collected from auctions across Texas and elsewhere, to grimy slaughterhouses in Mexico in a lucrative, controversial enterprise that he calls ‘a necessary evil.’

As a sideline, Benavides breeds quarter horses. When his most-loved animals grow old and frail, he euthanizes them, buries them on his own ground and marks their graves, rather than dispatching them to Mexico with anonymous horses bought for slaughter. ‘I’m not in favor of seeing…

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Wild Horse Herd’s and Welfare Rancher Deception and Lies Continuous! Time for America to Say No to Welfare Ranching!

Wild Horse Herd’s and Welfare Rancher Deception and Lies Continuous! Time for America to Say No to Welfare Ranching!.

FYI: Iron County, Utah Farm Subsidies 1995-2012 = $11,813,744.00…

BLM Washington office not an adversary to those making threats of illegal roundups

Someone has to stop this madness. There are absolutely no voices in this pissing contest between these agencies for our horses or burros.

Is there a local environmental group willing to take on both of these parties and put them in their place? There is help out there for our wild one’s, so if you know a group willing to take them on, I suggest contacting these legal activists and ask them to intervene on behalf of the land and the animals.

Mission Statement
“….Earthrise’s work includes submitting comments on proposed actions on public lands and drafting administrative appeals of agency decisions that our clients believe will adversely impact their use of public lands or the resources found there. When necessary, Earthrise also files lawsuits challenging agency decisions that could irreparably harm our public lands and the life that depends on it.”

Info on Tom Fleischner

“For many years I’ve been involved in studying the ecological effects of livestock grazing in western North America. I chaired the committee that wrote a position statement on this topic for the Society for Conservation Biology.”

Straight from the Horse's Heart

The BLM Washington office has informed BLM Utah State Director Juan Palma that they don’t want to be an adversary to a bunch of folks in Utah who are planning an illegal roundup of wild horses (Why not?  The BLM doesn’t mind being adversarial with wild horse advocates).   The BLM is jumping through hoops (and possibly legal loopholes…oh wait, can it be another emergency roundup based on drought to avoid having to prepare an Environmental Assessment?) to” work with” this bunch who are continuing to threaten illegal roundups.

David Miller, the Iron County Commissioner who seems to be at the forefront of inciting this illegal act is quoted as saying “We are pleased with Juan and his leadership.  We feel like we are all of the same spirit to do the right thing for everybody, including the horses,” Miller said. “But we aren’t going to wait around.”

(Uh oh.  Another publicized threat of illegal activity.)

BLM’s Juan Palma said if…

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“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.” ― Benjamin Disraeli


Astounding what it is we all read in the newspapers or listen to on television news today. We in America obtain the broken-down and edited versions of the news. This is done for the sponsors and other corporate involvement in direct relationship with the particular media group dispersing the event or news.

Oh, you already know that, you say – Well then, why would you sponsor such a travesty by purchasing their products, or repeating their bullshit? Or, if you, as an American, acknowledge what the truth is, then why have you not discussed the situation with your your Representative, Congressman, or Senator? Or is your truth indeed their truth – television dominates your life? Too bad, you are part of America’s problem, so shut the hell up, get it right…

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One Horse at a Time, Inc. – One Horse at a Time, Inc.

One Horse at a Time, Inc. or “OHAAT”  differs from traditional rescues in that we offer financial support for emergency hay, feed and vet care, not just to 501 (c) 3 rescues but also to private owners in need.  However, the assistance program we’re most proud of is our gelding grant program.  OHAAT believes that one of the leading problems facing the equine population is overbreeding. Unlike most gelding programs available, OHAAT provides funds upfront to help pay for gelding.



One Horse at a Time, Inc. – One Horse at a Time, Inc..