Such a Comfortable Liar

Rachel Reeves Photography

I would like to compare the BLM to mules, but it hardly seems fair to besmirch the good name of such a fine species as the noble mule.

When I last updated this blog, I discussed the lack of wind breaks or adequate shelter at the BLM holding facility in Rock Springs.   At the time, the Cloud Foundation offered to pay for and install wind breaks for the wild horses help in the facility. The BLM refused this offer saying the horses did not need such luxury. I had feelings about this decision, as winds can regularly gust in the 30-50 MPH range and temperatures in the winter month are consistently below zero. Still, nothing could be done without the BLM’s permission and they put their foot down.  Rock, meet other BLM shaped rock.

The issue came up again at the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting on…

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