Utah Governor Wants to “Take Control” and Kill the Mustangs and Burros in Utah

WHE Blog

Marta Williams, VP WHE

Gov Herbert (Rueters) Gov Herbert (Rueters)

Citing outlandish statistics on wild horse overpopulation that have no basis in fact, and claiming to be protecting his state from a Bundy type incident, Governor Gary Herbert, in an article in Utah Policy, is proposing that his state take over the management of the wild horses and burros in Utah and kill them all, or most of them, so that the good cattle ranching folks of Utah won’t have to be besieged by the hords of overpopulating wild mustangs and burros that, according to Herbert, are coming out of the walls all over Utah. Wild horse and burro advocates know that the reverse is actually the case: Wild horses and burros are in possibly a terminal decline throughout the West, and range overgrazing in almost all cases is caused by an excess of cattle on public land not an excess of…

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