Photos From Alex Atamanenko’s May 8th Press Conference and Final Push For Our Horses!

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Abruzzo, McCullough, Alex at podium, Crosland, Kellosalmi - 08May14 Left to Right: Senator Joseph Abruzzo, Victoria McCullough, Alex at podium, Sinikka Crosland, Dr. Ray Kellosalmi – 08May14

As the House of Commons heads to a vote next week on his horse slaughter Bill C-571,  we present you with photos from MP Atamanenko’s Press Conference.  Alex was joined here by CHDC’s Executive Director Sinikka Crosland,  medical and toxicology expert Dr. Ray Kellosalmi,  and US political allies Victoria McCullough and Senator Joseph Abruzzo. 

Senator Abruzzo is a Democratic member of the Florida Senate, representing the 25th District, which includes most of Palm Beach County, since 2012.  Victoria McCullough is an avid horse lover and the only child of the founder of the US’s largest, privately held petroleum company,  Chesapeake Petroleum.

urgentWith a vote on the Bill only days away,  this is our final pitch to reach our MPs.  We suggest that you can send your personal message to your…

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