BULLITIN: Confirmed — Bureau of Land Management’s Bait and Trap Roundup Kills 29 Wild Horses, as their Paperwork Shows Clearly! A $29,000 SCAM TO RECEIVE TAXPAYER MONEY

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At Murderer’s Creek, yes, we have “all” concluded that 29 Deaths were completed, if not directly then indirectly, from this particular, supposedly bait and trapping roundup –- the fact is also the use of Dead-Horses to assimilate increase in private contractor voucher’s and payments . . .

Administered by the Forestry – 75% and BLM – 25%.

I have just received confirmation from three-other sources, in regard to how the BLM insists upon minimal death rates, their number is 1% only and from all roundups — of wild horses from their administered roundups. Their fatality numbers, and reasons why, remain a travesty and highly untrue! The use of their paperwork, and wild horse movement from corral to corral is corrupt, falsified, but easily traceable — essentially creates the COVERUP and the misuse of taxpayer money toward Over-payments to private…

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