Inhumanity By Prescription

Very important information for those of you that are fighting the good fight for our equines. Staying informed means staying armed with the latest information in order to make your case crystal clear, no more horse slaughter on our watch.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

inhumanity by PrescriptionAs many of you know,  Dr. Ray Kellosalmi represented the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition and Canadian anti-slaughter advocates at the 2014 Equine Summit held by Equine Advocates.

There are 13 videos in the series,  all featuring different topics, and all are worth-watching.  Dr. Kellosalmi, Retired Physician & Board Member of the CHDC, gave his presentation entitled “Horse Slaughter & PMU:  Shared Disgrace, Shared Challenge.”  Dr. Ray is a medical doctor who was director of a medical centre involved in menopausal issues,  and he recently spoke at Parliament about toxicity issues with horsemeat along with MP Alex Atamanenko.  You call also watch Ray’s video segment from Equine Advocates below:

In addition to presenting at Equine Advocates,  Dr. Kellosalmi has also worked with United Animal Nations,  United Pegasus Foundation, The Ark Trust,  The American Horse Kellosalmi-r copyDefense Fund, ASPCA,  HSUS, and many others.  He also wrote a paper entitled “Inhumanity By…

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