The Great Canadian Horse Meat Scandal – A Political Affair (Part 1)

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May 14, 2014 was a lamentable day for horse advocates on both sides of the Canadian-American border. An opportunity to effectively shutter the horse slaughter industry was lost due to a stubborn and unrelenting political party whose members blindly accept their leader’s dictatorial rule without reflection on what ill-effects the outcome has on humans and animals alike.

A Big Brother nation of fools – mindless robots adhering to political policy out of fear, greed and the despicable disregard for food safety. Clearly this was an unashamed demonstration of a non-democratic movement to safeguard their over-inflated salaries, the comfort of ludicrous benefits and ever-growing monopoly of money over basic principles that govern decency, goodwill and stewardship of morality. Ignorance is blissfully ignorant, at any cost.

Bill C-571, a Private Members food safety bill and successor to Bill C-322, was defeated by Canadian Parliament by a margin of 102…

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2 thoughts on “The Great Canadian Horse Meat Scandal – A Political Affair (Part 1)

  1. What fools these mortals be. The injustice perpetrated by a corrupt and insensitive group if persons, whether political or not, are singularly driven by one thought and one thought only- greed! The proverbial golden calf, regardless of foolish religions those profess to espouse, it boils to their one true god, profit at the suffering of the helpless.


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