Humane Slaughter: Can it be done?

Important questions that we should be discussing. Under the Humane Slaughter Act, all animals should be treated with dignity and compassion, but we all know that most if not all do not adhere to those standards. We really need to start insisting that these animals receive compassion over profits.


If you have read any other posts from this blog, you know I love animals.  Horses and dogs primarily.  Although I think all animals are incredible in their own way.  I may not be a fan of some, but I don’t wish any of them ill-will.

It’s on that note that this post may take an odd turn.  A departure for me, but needed nonetheless (as far as I’m concerned).

I’ve been horrified at the brutality of horse slaughter.  For a wide variety of reasons that you can read my previous posts to see why.  I don’t need to rehash them here.

cowWhat I haven’t covered is that the slaughter process for all animals is horrific.  While slaughtering a horse using the same methods designed for cows is appalling, it’s not humane for cows either. Or pigs. Or chickens.

Don’t care about chickens? Does that still apply if they have to…

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