A Witness to the Wreckage

A Witness to the Wreckage.


2 thoughts on “A Witness to the Wreckage

  1. And once again – does the racing crowd – tracks,trainers,owners,- ever take in the fact that they are racing TWO YEAR OLD babies? Which means they “start” before two! When their knees aren’t even closed! Schooling them on tracks – putting weight on their backs – and then there are the drugs & meds etc etc. But the main reason this abuse of young animals continues is the same reason Tennessee Walkers & other gaited breeds continue to be abused for the so-called “Big Lick” and the same reason for the 2 year old futurities for quarter horses & others – GREED & POWER for people. How sad that the crowds that go to the races, or horse shows – most of them – have no idea what is necessary for these horses to “perform” for them?????

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