Opinion: What We Can Learn From the Latest Scandal in Dressage Riding (involving Andreas Helgstrand and his horse Akeem Foldager)

Please be the voice they do not have. If you see something, please say something.

Bee and the Horse

Some of you might have followed the latest ‘uproar’ in the dressage scene as photos of the horse Akeem Foldager, ridden by Danish dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand, circulated the internet. Although, certainly, not the first photos of this kind that I’ve seen, I found them very disturbing and I’m very glad that there will be consequences for the rider, albeit not very dramatic ones.

This is what happened. On April 16th, photos of Helgstrand training Akeem were published on Epona TV’s facebook page, showing Akeem’s open mouth and blue tongue as a consequence of the rider’s hard hand. They also showed dark spots in the fur and swelling where the spurs usually have contact to the horse. Someone took these pics during an open house training at Helgstrand’s stable and send them to Epona.


You can view the photos here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152777331733312&set=pcb.10152777335663312&type=1&theater

Epona TV regularly posts photos of rollkur-riding and tries…

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