Did BLM ineptness kill another 57 wild horses that were shipped to Scott City, Kansas?

We need an independent advisory board to keep track of all horses, where they are at and last but not least, to complete their own, independent assessment of how many horses are on the land. Just unconscionable that they will more than likely get away with this, as with all other “incidents.”

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Did BLM’s inept management of wild horses cause another 57 deaths?  Does this “total” include the additional 13 mares that had to be euthanized?  Why is the contractor only being informed of the proper feed AFTER so many horses died?

These were most likely the wild horses that the BLM recently shipped from Teterville Long Term Holding in Kansas to the feedlot-like facility Scott City, Kansas.   57 horses are a lot of horses to die in a short period of time.  Another BLM “investigation?”  There is very little accountability to the public.  BLM’s Press Release is below this article.  The BLM is having a one day tour for CREDENTIALED MEDIA, but apparently, nobody from any wild horse advocacy groups has been invited.  We request an immediate public tour of this temporary short term holding facility.  Tax dollars pay for this.

SOURCE:  wibw.com

12LTH1_26_of_161_ (1) Mares look at the public on a…

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Casey: BLM Fails to Protect Horses, Burros from Heat

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Ginger Casey

“Our good friend, Ginger Casey, forwarded an article that she had written for us to share, here, at SFTHH.  The article, likewise, appeared in the Reno Gazette.  Ginger Casey is an Emmy-award winning journalist who began her career in Reno and we thank her for sharing with us.  Keep the faith!” ~ R.T.

“The irony is that in order to adopt one of the animals, you have to prove you have shelter from the elements available for them.”

Palomino Valley ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Palomino Valley ~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

As the temperatures in the area began to climb north of 100 degrees last summer, the public began to petition the BLM to do something about the conditions at the Palomino Valley wild horse adoption facility north of Reno. Nearly two thousand horses and burros were languishing in triple-digit heat in huge, open, dirt pens with neither shade…

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Gulfstream plans Lasix free races in 2015

Great news! Now let us hope that they stop racing babies as well.

Tuesday's Horse

Hallelujah!  Something to cheer about concerning Thoroughbred racing in 2015.

Tom LaMarra (@BH_TLaMarra) reporting for the The Blood-Horse writes:

Gulfstream Park, which plans to become the racetrack prototype for integrity in the sport, is to to offer furosemide-free races for 2-year-olds in 2015 and eventually operate an on-track pharmacy to ensure tight regulation of medication.

Frank Stronach

Frank Stronach, owner of The Stronach Group, said horse racing must implement reforms to instill confidence in the public and stakeholders such as owners, breeders, and racetracks. He outlined his plan Aug. 13 at the Saratoga Institute on Racing & Gaming Law in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

“If we work together we can put on a great show and convince the public (racetracks) are a great place to go,” Stronach said. “We have to ask ourselves why we as an industry have gone backward.”

Stronach supports medication-free racing on…

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Barring a lawsuit, 800 wild horses to be rounded up in Wyoming

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Edie Adelstein as published in the Colorado Springs Independent

“the Department of the Interior sold out America’s wild horses.”

Roundup at Great Divide Basin in 2011 ~ photo by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

In this week’s issue, Bret Wrightspoke to Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Cloud Foundation, an advocacy group for wild horses. With Kathrens’ help, along with that of gallery owner and artistTracy Miller, an exhibit devoted to wild horses opened at Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

Kathrens, a local filmmaker whose efforts have appeared on Nature, will also screen her latest installment of a series of documentaries she’s made following wild horses in Montana, on Wednesday, Aug. 6, at 7 p.m. at the Tim Gill Center for Public Media (315 E. Costilla St.).

As Kathrens told Wright, wild horses are regularly rounded up by the Bureau of…

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The Belmont Recap NYRA Doesn’t Want You to See

Horseracing Wrongs

While NYRA is busy congratulating itself on the recently completed Belmont meet (5/1-7/13), we here at Horseracing Wrongs remember the athletes who perished in the pursuit of handle cash:

3-year-old Handstand, 6th race on May 1st, “fx RR leg – euthanized in necropsy area”

3-year-old See the Music, 7th race on May 21st, “collapsed at the 3/16 pole and died”

5-year-old Samuels Blond Lady, 2nd race on June 5th, “LK sagittal slab fx – euthanasia 3 days later”

4-year-old Roses for Romney, 8th race on June 25th, “clipped heels…and fell – died of apparent neck trauma”

3-year-old This Guy Is Blue, 9th race on July 6th, “fx RF leg – euthanized in necropsy area”

5-year-old Music Maid, 2nd race on July 13th, “fx RF leg – euthanized”

photo credit: AP photo credit: AP

And – the 2014 Belmont training deaths:

9-year-old Caixa Eletronica, January 4th, “suffered a fx skull and died” [from a…

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Last Proposed Horse Slaughter Plant Claims Unfair Treatment: Withdraws Application

Hallelujah! So very happy to see this cruel business disappear all together.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: the Equine Welfare Alliance

“In reality, the plant faced strong opposition from the state level all the way to the Obama administration…”

Rick De Los Santos' plan to butcher companion, American horses was in itself, axed. Rick De Los Santos’ plan to butcher companion, American horses was in itself, axed.

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Following an extended legal battle, Blair Dunn, the attorney for the Valley Meats slaughter plant in Roswell, New Mexico, today submitted a letter to the state Environmental Department withdrawing the plant’s application for a permit to operate a waste water discharge lagoon. The action would appear to mark the end of plans to reopen the former cattle slaughterhouse to slaughter horses, and takes place only a week before the final report of the hearing officer was to be released.

The plan to reopen the cattle plant as a horse slaughter plant had begun in 2011, following congressional reinstatement of USDA funding for required antemortem inspections. However, since the hearing…

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