The Tragic Fate of Dairy Cows by Wendy Kowal – GoFundMe

There is a dirty and abusive underworld of animal auctions that is not often reported on in the news. It’s a subculture that completely disregards the health and well-being of the poor animals being sold and instead almost revels in the inhumane treatment it dishes out. We’re talking about “spent” dairy cows, who, after a short, yet horrific life at a dairy farm, face the further tragic fate of being auctioned for meat despite dreadful condition and debilitating injuries.

The “spent” cows our investigators see at livestock auctions throughout the country are simply heartbreaking. Many are what the industry call “downer” cows. “Downers” are non-ambulatory cows that are unable to rise, to stand, or to walk without assistance. Some cannot move at all and simply lay or sit in one spot in grave pain. They may be non-ambulatory for a number of reasons: Dislocated hips, broken leg bones, infected hooves, or simply severe exhaustion due to a lifetime of milk production.

The crimes against these docile animals are largely unknown to the general public, but if there were more visibility into the problem there would certainly be a large outcry over the atrocious treatment these cows are victims of – the public’s conscience would demand it!

“Spent” dairy cows are sold at auction to meat buyers after they can no longer be used for milk production. Instead of being euthanized humanely by their owners, they are dumped at the auctions no matter what sickly or injured state they may be in after years of being pumped dry. These cows are callously shocked with electric prods if they can’t walk, in a vicious attempt to get them to move. When this doesn’t work, they are brutally pushed by a forklift, hauled by rope, or dragged by chains.

Many times, the cow dies before the auction can even be concluded — left alone, laying on the asphalt of a parking lot or in a manure filled back pen, languishing in pain from its injuries, one can only imagine the terror the suffering cow goes through.

It is against the law to sell downed cows yet these crimes are committed every day at auctions across the country. We at Animals’ Angels are out in the field every day standing up for the rights of these innocent creatures. Our motto is “we are there with the animals.” We investigate these kinds of auctions, conduct thorough investigations into the illegal activity that occurs, and try to put a stop to any unlawful practices we uncover. We have been successful in our past efforts, but there is still so much more to be done and we need the funds to do it. Only you can make it possible. We need your help.

Our goal is to raise $5000 to support an in-depth, multi-state investigation that will help put a stop to the abuse of these innocent cows.

Someone needs to speak up for these abused animals. Please add your voice to ours! Our goal is to bring these atrocities to light so that people know exactly where their food is coming from and the grossly unethical means that went into getting their dinner on the table. These auctions deserve to be held accountable! These perpetrators deserve to be convicted! These poor animals deserve to be treated humanely!

We need you. More importantly, the animals need you! Help us to help them. Be a voice for the voiceless! Please donate today!

The Tragic Fate of Dairy Cows by Wendy Kowal – GoFundMe.


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