Three Dead in California

The CHRB has confirmed that 3-year-old Soar Home was euthanized Sunday after fracturing a shoulder while practicing at Golden Gate. The Ed Moger-trained filly was last raced on the 18th (the same race that saw Jennakins perish). In the two starts before that – both under Moger – Soar Home finished 24 1/2 lengths back on May 3rd and was pulled up and vanned off on June 5th.

Also, in its most recent Stewards Minutes (Oct 25), Santa Anita reports two dead horses for the week. Alas, they are anonymous. This is horseracing.

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HSLF: 2014 Animal Protection Voter Guide

Hold the Line

Please get this out to all of our animal loving friends.  This information will help those of us that are working to save our wildlife, animals and others that have no voice in the voting process.

It is imperative that we continue to hold the line!

“Only You Can Prevent Slaughter”

Owyhee Litigation Moves Forward

Wild Horse Education

Removal Cancelled at Snowstorm in 2013 Removal Cancelled at Snowstorm in 2013

(Reno) Last week more documents were filed in the ongoing legal saga of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ten year removal plan of wild horses from the Owyhee Complex in northern Nevada.

Laura Leigh, President and founder of Wild Horse Education, alleges that wild horse removals are unlawful at the Owyhee Complex due to insufficient data and analysis of available data. Leigh also asserts that at removals that occurred under this plan have violated First Amendment notions.

In documents filed last week through Leigh’s attorneys, Danielle Holt and Michael Beede, Leigh moves these claims forward as allowed by the court.

“Because the plaintiff may reasonably expect that the same agency conduct would likely repeat in other areas of the Owyhee Complex during the ten-year EA as that outlined in paragraphs 11-13, 15-16, 18-28 and 32-33, and which also causes inhumane methods and conditions…

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CALL YOUR SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVE: Safeguard American Food Export Act S541

Excellent reporting, thank you! November 4th is right around the corner, find out who to support here.

Hippies for Horses

What you can do to help pass the Safeguard American Food Export Act of 2013 in the U.S. Senate S.541 and House of Representatives HR.1094:


If your Senators or Representative have not co-sponsored the S.A.F.E. Act of 2013, it is EXTREMELY important to CALL your SENATORS to support S.541 and your REPRESENTATIVE to support HR.1094 in their DC offices.  You may never get a returned call from the politician and less likely to talk to him directly when you call.  Ask to speak to the legislative aid assigned to these bills and leave a message.  You are more likely to get a call back from the legislative aid than your elected official.

President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2751, the “F... President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2751, the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act,” in the Oval Office, Jan. 4, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) License on Flickr (2011-01-12): United States…

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Wild Horse Education

Nevada Wild Horses 2014 Nevada Wild Horses 2014

There are multiple postings on social media about the NE NV Resource Advisory Council (RAC) meeting and a proposal on Catch, Treat and Release (CTR)  of wild horses and burros. However the WWWW (Who, What, When, Where and Why) are getting lost in the usual rush of information flying by our digital minds.

Jeanne Nations (a member of the NE NV RAC) has sat in a seat on that board for years representing wild horse and burro issues. This RAC is one of 29 others that are made up of local interests that give policy recommendation to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). For years Jeanne has seen her “interest” not taken entirely seriously as for profit interests tend to overshadow anything aimed at protection of wild horses and burros. She lives in a part of the Antelope Complex that was part of a controversial roundup…

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Buck Up Little Buddies!

Shedrow Confessions

If anything, this whole pro and anti slaughter business has been a fascinating look into human nature.  Sometimes fascinating is a good thing, like a double rainbow  after a violent storm, and then there are the times fascinating is like a really horrific train wreck.  I’m sorry to say, but lately it’s been all train wreck and some of our antis are have been on that train.  None of us were thrilled to see the news come out that the slaughter-house in Iowa was poised to open its doors in a few short weeks.  Not a single one of us on the anti side.  However, the panic and histrionics that have erupted have been nothing short of astonishing. I did expect a lot of upset at the news earlier this week.  That isn’t surprising.  However, the defeatist attitude I’ve seen is a bit surprising.


The biggest thing that irritates me…

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Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall teams up with Pfizer to promote Duavee

We need to educate her on this bad decision to support Duavee when there are so many other natural ways that do not include holding a mare pregnant and hostage for her entire life just to harvest her urine.

Tuesday's Horse


The Inquistr reports:

What does Kim Cattrall have against women and horses?  Cattrall recently teamed up with Pfizer to promote Duavee, from the Premarin family of drugs, made from the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares. (Google image). What does Kim Cattrall have against women and horses? Cattrall recently teamed up with Pfizer to promote Duavee from the Premarin family of drugs, made from the estrogen rich urine of pregnant mares. (Google image).
The 58-year-old Kim Cattrall has teamed up with Pfizer to encourage menopausal women to stay in tune with their bodies and embrace the changes they undergo during menopause. The campaign, called Tune In To Menopause, features stories of Kim Cattrall’s own journey through menopause.

Well, that is part of the story, but not the whole story. Cattrall has put her name to a Duavee sponsored campaign.

A visit to the Tune In To Menopause website shows a picture of Cattrall with the legend “Kim Cattrall is NOT a DUAVEE Patient”.

Well, good for her she is not taking Duavee herself (why not?). But not good for the who knows how…

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America’s Wild Horses: A Living Legend in Peril

Please be sure to watch the video.

Hippies for Horses

Wild Horses on the Range Wild Horses on the Range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This photo is of a genetically bay horse, showing the faint dorsal counterstriping that is common on some bays. This horse is NOT a dun and this dorsal stripe does not reflect the presence of the dun gene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Watch and listen carefully as the video posses excellent arguments about the markings on some of the wild horses and debunks the myth that all the wild horses are descendants of the Spanish horses set free in North America.

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Speak NOW! Against the Grass March

Wild Horse Education

Speak Out! Speak Out!

As we advocate for wild horses and burros on public land there are many issues that must be addressed. Sometimes what is required are comments to management documents, gaining documentation, keeping the public informed and sometimes even litigation. Right now we are at a junction where a small faction of livestock “profiteers” are using their frustration at facing restrictions to the amount of cows they can turn out on America’s public land (as it suffers from drought and decades of domestic livestock production) to push an agenda aimed at complete control over public land. These livestock producers are heading to DC in what they call a “Grass March” (offensively titled after Ghandi’s salt march) taking a petition to Congress to forward an agenda that oddly… they do not even feature on their own website.

In order to find the agenda we searched articles and interviews and did find…

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