Speak NOW! Against the Grass March

Wild Horse Education

Speak Out! Speak Out!

As we advocate for wild horses and burros on public land there are many issues that must be addressed. Sometimes what is required are comments to management documents, gaining documentation, keeping the public informed and sometimes even litigation. Right now we are at a junction where a small faction of livestock “profiteers” are using their frustration at facing restrictions to the amount of cows they can turn out on America’s public land (as it suffers from drought and decades of domestic livestock production) to push an agenda aimed at complete control over public land. These livestock producers are heading to DC in what they call a “Grass March” (offensively titled after Ghandi’s salt march) taking a petition to Congress to forward an agenda that oddly… they do not even feature on their own website.

In order to find the agenda we searched articles and interviews and did find…

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