Owyhee Litigation Moves Forward

Wild Horse Education

Removal Cancelled at Snowstorm in 2013 Removal Cancelled at Snowstorm in 2013

(Reno) Last week more documents were filed in the ongoing legal saga of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ten year removal plan of wild horses from the Owyhee Complex in northern Nevada.

Laura Leigh, President and founder of Wild Horse Education, alleges that wild horse removals are unlawful at the Owyhee Complex due to insufficient data and analysis of available data. Leigh also asserts that at removals that occurred under this plan have violated First Amendment notions.

In documents filed last week through Leigh’s attorneys, Danielle Holt and Michael Beede, Leigh moves these claims forward as allowed by the court.

“Because the plaintiff may reasonably expect that the same agency conduct would likely repeat in other areas of the Owyhee Complex during the ten-year EA as that outlined in paragraphs 11-13, 15-16, 18-28 and 32-33, and which also causes inhumane methods and conditions…

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