Will “Team Wild Mustang” make the championship “Public Land Bowl?”

Great analogy and makes this issue a bit easier to understand, if you follow sports.

Wild Horse Education

Go Team Wild Mustang! Video from High Rock

At Wild Horse Education we are active in advocacy for wild horses and burros on public land. In the course of that advocacy we engage multiple arenas that effect our herds including field work, litigation, rescue and more. American’s love their wild ones and an Act was passed by Congress unanimously and signed into law in 1971 to reflect that desire to see our wild horses protected from abuse, extinction and slaughter. However wild horses and burros exist on public land. We wish it were as simple as “leave the horses alone,” but the resource of public land faces serious competition on the field of public land use planning fronts.

This time of year my thoughts go to holidays with family. Thanksgiving for us meant overeating and football. College games, pro games and high school games were part of our routine. Our…

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