Province approves horse capture in Ghost area

Giving these animals a known pesticide will not only lead to their eventually sterilization, but will eventually wipe the species out.

Calgary Herald

The province has approved a new type of capture season to round up 50 of Alberta’s free-roaming horses this month, but the groups advocating for the animals are disappointed it’s going ahead.

On Wednesday, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development spokesman Duncan MacDonnell said the RCMP will manage a roundup under the Stray Animals Act in the Ghost area.

“Adoption is going to be the first option,” he said, noting they will give preference to the Wild Horses of Alberta Society for adoptions.

Any horses that aren’t taken in would be put up for auction, where anyone would be able to purchase them.

Both of the local groups advocating for Alberta’s horses said they are disappointed the province is having a roundup.

“We were certainly hoping there wouldn’t be a capture season at all this year in the province, but then we heard about the one going on in the Ghost,” said Bob Henderson, president of the Wild Horses of Alberta Society…

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