Wild horses, federal grazing and America’s billionaire welfare ranchers

Tuesday's Horse

Cow and calf next to Mustang Herd Management Area sign. Image by Kimerlee Curyl.

Some years ago, Ellen Cathryn Nash wrote an insightful report for our website called:

Rolex Ranchers and the Living Legends
10% of BLM Land Lease Subsidy Recipients are Billionaires and Control 65% of all BLM Lands

Nash subsequently issued this information as a Press Release in March 2005 which we posted on Tuesday’s Horse.

Some of the names Nash listed as “Rolex Ranchers” are:

Ted Turner
Baron Hilton
Mary Hewlett-Jaffey
JR Simplot
Hunt Oil Company of Dallas

Nash’s reports also states:

    “The Public Lands Ranching Organization reports that the federal grazing program operates at a loss, costing taxpayers at least $500,000,000 annually. This figure includes direct program costs and millions of dollars spent on emergency feed, drought and flood relief, and predator control to support or mitigate damage from public lands grazing.”

Vickery Eckhoff recently completed an excellent in depth series on the same topic:

Exposing America’s Billionaire…

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