Bill introduced in the U.S. House to prevent the slaughter of horses

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Federal legislation to prevent the re-establishment of horse slaughter on U.S. soil, bar the live export of horses for the purposes of slaughter, and protect the public from the consumption of toxic horse meat was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives, April 22, 2015.

H.R. 1942, also referred to as the SAFE Act, is sponsored by Rep. Frank C. Guinta (R-NH-1) and has 41 originating co-sponsors. View co-sponsors here.

“For centuries, horses have embodied the spirit of American freedom and pride,” said Rep. Guinta. “To that end, horses are not raised for food – permitting their transportation for the purposes of being slaughtered for human consumption is not consistent with our values and results in a dangerously toxic product. This bipartisan bill seeks to prevent and end the inhumane and dangerous process of transporting thousands of horses a year for food.”

Rep. Michelle Lujan Griffin (D-NM-1) who helped…

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Four Penn National Vets Face Federal Charges

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At long last, federal charges for racehorse doping and race rigging now includes  veterinarians. Google image. At long last, federal charges for racehorse doping and race rigging now includes veterinarians. Google image.

In a move that sounded a lot like the other shoe dropping, federal criminal charges have been filed against four racetrack veterinarians involved in treating horses at Penn National Race Course near Grantville, Pa.

Late March 26, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced criminal charges had been filed against racetrack vets Kevin Brophy, 60, of Florida; Fernando Motta, 44, of Lancaster, Pa., Christopher Korte, 43, of Pueblo, Col., and Renee Nodine, 52, of Annville, Pa.

The criminal charges against the vets follow the November 2013 federal indictments of three trainers at Penn National: David Wells, Sam Webb, and Patricia Anne Rogers, as well as clocker Danny Robertson. Wells pled guilty to race-rigging in state court, admitting to numerous race-day medication…

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Tricks of the Trade: How EPO is used for blood-doping a horse

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Profile of racehorses leaving the gate. Google image.

Erythropoietin is a hormone produced naturally by the kidney that helps regulate the production of red blood cells. Epogen is a drug developed by scientists in the 1980s to treat human diseases like anemia, where red blood cell counts are insufficiently low.

Epogen, or EPO for short, quickly found its way into human sports as the blood-doping drug of choice. The drug, which rose to prominence alongside anabolic steroids in the 1990s, rendered many Olympics results suspicious and carried now-disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to unprecedented success in the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005 (though he has been stripped of those titles for cheating).

Increasing red blood cells has been a goal in horse racing, too, through conventional treatments like vitamin and mineral supplements as well as illegal methods similar to human sports.

Epogen has been brought illegally into horse racing…

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Enough is Enough

As I predicted in Quid Pro Quo. It begins. For those of you who backed BLM and now feel betrayed, it isn’t as if you were not warned. We saw it coming 10 miles down the road. And sadly, the only ones who lose are the magnificent beings that needed your strength to stand firm against their planned extinction. You failed them, failed their families but more importantly, trusted a government agency that NEVER deserved it.

Mustangs & Mayhem

As a general rule, it is a very big mistake for me to start running my mouth off online when I am overly emotional.  The problem with that is that we are only 1/3 of the way into an emotional year that feels like it is just going to keep building and building until everything spirals out of control.  When you are faced with such a time, it seems logical to get it all out in the open while you still have the chance.

Because the fact of the matter is, we were snookered folks.  And the most ridiculous part, is that we were conned by the same people that con us over and over again without remorse.  It’s almost like an abusive relationship.  You tell yourself that this time it will be different, things will get better.

Nye Nye

Spoiler Alert:  IT NEVER DOES

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Mother Nature Gets Her Day in Court : Discovery News : Discovery News

Rights of nature laws seek to grant the environment legal rights similar to those of people or corporations.

Mother Nature Gets Her Day in Court : Discovery News : Discovery News.