Enough is Enough

As I predicted in Quid Pro Quo. It begins. For those of you who backed BLM and now feel betrayed, it isn’t as if you were not warned. We saw it coming 10 miles down the road. And sadly, the only ones who lose are the magnificent beings that needed your strength to stand firm against their planned extinction. You failed them, failed their families but more importantly, trusted a government agency that NEVER deserved it.

Mustangs & Mayhem

As a general rule, it is a very big mistake for me to start running my mouth off online when I am overly emotional.  The problem with that is that we are only 1/3 of the way into an emotional year that feels like it is just going to keep building and building until everything spirals out of control.  When you are faced with such a time, it seems logical to get it all out in the open while you still have the chance.

Because the fact of the matter is, we were snookered folks.  And the most ridiculous part, is that we were conned by the same people that con us over and over again without remorse.  It’s almost like an abusive relationship.  You tell yourself that this time it will be different, things will get better.

Nye Nye

Spoiler Alert:  IT NEVER DOES

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