EPONA Vehemently Opposes Trump Administration!

Let me explain why this page is now discussing politics so vehemently and give the evidence as to why we will oppose this administration. Each link will take you to evidence to explain this position.

For well over 16 years, let me repeat this…for 16 YEARS advocates (along with very minimal bi-partisan efforts,) have worked tirelessly, begged, pleaded, cajoled our Congress to put protections in place to stop wild and domestic equines from not only ending equine transportation as a toxic food commodity to Mexico and Canada, which is shipped out to the unsuspecting Asian and European market, but to also put in permanent protections to end equine slaughter and exploitation in our country once and for all and to redress the many violations to animals in general. The vast and overwhelming majority of opposition? Republicans.

We have asked our Congress to stop the cruelty and torture of Tennessee Walking horses, and it has fallen on deaf ears repeatedly. Equine Preservation of North America – EPONA and many others do not believe that any animal should ever be tortured as a luxury food, nor for a ribbon, prize or prestige. One of the people that has held up legislation for the PAST Act is Marsha Blackburn (R) out of Tennessee. She will now sit on Trump’s transition team. Other top picks is a Who’s Who in animal cruelty and exploitation for profit.

Republican State and Federal representatives continue the assault on our public lands, public lands where most, if not all, of our wild equines’ live, along with other vulnerable populations of animals which are virtually without any protections in place against the alt-right agenda which historically is made up of an all-white male coalition. The Alternative Right are also entrenched in many of our police and sheriff departments, non-governmental orgs, and federal agencies, they just happen to hide it very well. However, with the recent exposure of officers killing or maiming minorities, without compunction, and usually acquitted of those crimes by jurors which are solely made up by usually an overwhelming white majority and picked by the officers’ defense attorneys’, will walk away unscathed. Same outcome is happening with violent animal abusers.


Recently, there was an important article which exposed many of dangers posed by men that are entrenched in the Alternative Right movement, also know as “patriots.” Many of these so called “Patriots” are also responsible for Trump Phenom. These men have become more of a danger in our society due to long standing indoctrination by our educational system which teaches them that the only protected class is the white males, which claim to have founded this country alone, which of course is nonsense.
This group is extremely dangerous to minorities including blacks, women, children, but also animals and more dangerous than any Islamic group combined. Incredulously, they are our fathers, brothers, uncles, our fellow citizens, and live in every community in the Nation. EPONA has proven repeatedly that this demographic poses real and viable risk to us all, but more importantly to innocent and defenseless women, children and animals.

One of the most disturbing acts perpetrated on an animal is how a mare is bred.  It is extremely cruel, and as usual, perpetrated by mainly white individuals who are seeking to find a goldmine in racing, (in which these young animals are ran to death,) rodeo, urine, blood, tissue, etc. Mares are bound, usually by both legs in order to allow a dangerous stallion to mount her, in which he becomes so aggressive, the mare is harmed irreparably.  These hostages have no voice and these acts are authorized by our own government, using our tax dollars. PMU Mares are also victims of exploitation and abuse.  These mares are kept in a constant state of pregnancy, and once they foal, their baby is shipped off to slaughter.

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many, many more ways equines and other farm animals are exploited for profit, and there are really no minimum care requirements in place to protect them from this continued exploitation, cruelty or abuse.

With the previous evidence that has been presented here, and the clear and present danger from this new administration, it will be crucial to become the ears, eyes and voice for these animals and people.

Epona will never stop exposing equine exploitation for profit, nor will it stop exposing the criminal elements in our government. If you are not interested in learning about these schemes, then please go where you can. It is going to take every one of us to speak out and against any and all atrocities against not only our innocent animals, but women, children and minorities that are at greater risk now than ever before.

The War on Women and Horses

I was reading “Objectification is Why Horses Are So Easily abused” and I realized that the new 2014 Congress about to be seated will have the Republican Party holding all of the power, AGAIN.  How’s that worked out for the American People previously???  We most certainly know how that works out and continue to bear the brunt of those disastrous decisions to this very day.

We have longed known that the majority of Republicans in power are “older, white males” and this particular demographic has repeatedly shown their “true colors” through their misogynist agenda.  Believe it or not, there is a real “War on Women” indeed.

What strikes that point home was seeing the 2008 Republican National Convention video.  Even though they showcased numerous women on their platform to show the American Public that “Hey, see, we are really behind women, equal pay, etc.”, you can certainly ascertain from that video that is not the case at all nor the reality on the ground.  Be sure to note the many “white hats” that are being waved and especially note who is waving them.

2008 Republican National Convention

It has long been documented that this particular party feels a need to regulate reproduction decisions for women and will not control the non-stop attacks regarding this issue until they see birth control removed completely as well as “Roe vs. Wade” repealed. Their bullying efforts are usually pushed through by creating unwanted or unneeded legislation, in hopes that they can stop women from making personal decisions about their bodies. Let me repeat……THEIR bodies.

At this point in time, women still have the legal right to determine those decisions, however, when this 114th Congress is seated in January, you can bet that it won’t be long before the same individuals that now have and previously enjoyed the “majority”, will be even more relentless on their agenda regarding reproduction and equality.  This agenda has been obvious for years and again, they will make a concentrated effort to overturn any and all previous laws regarding women’s reproduction rights, and will most certainly push those same agendas at a faster pace than ever before. It is disturbing that this particular societal demographic should believe in any way, shape or form that they have a right to say anything, EVER about women and their reproductive rights, either now or in the future!

Now let’s talk about our equines. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are well aware of the ongoing attacks and exploitation that are taking place against our Wild/Domestic Horses and Donkeys. And you are also well aware of the fact that the majority of decisions coming out of the Bureau of Land Management are also made by “white, older” male ranchers that are the Majority in the West, and who are the majority in control of this agency.

However, you would never know it, there are two women in charge! Sally Jewel is in charge of the Department of Interior and Joan Guilfoyle is a Division Chief for Wild Horses at the Bureau of Land Management.  Advocates were beyond thrilled that these women were appointed to such important positions within these agencies and believed wholeheartedly that now that women were appointed, surely things would now most definitely change for our equines! Simply put, most women are caring and compassionate when it comes to the defenseless and will usually speak out and against treating any weaker species with  utter contempt, which this agency has shown repeatedly under this and previous administrations .  But we were wrong, dead wrong.   You do know what a Judas Horse is right?  That is what these appointments were, Trickery and Obfuscation. 

This was just another inadequate attempt by government handlers to show that they truly care about women, equines and this issue. I am sure that they thought that by inserting these women into important policy making positions, advocates (of which are mostly women) would rest assure that these women would turn this agency around finally!  That by appointing women, advocates would believe they, of all people, would be implementing policies that have our equines best interests in mind, and that advocates would now “feel good” about these appointments and take some of the intense pressure off of this agency.

Since these women have been appointed, neither of them have exhibited typical traits that most other women carry, that of compassion,  concern or sensitivity.  These two women continue to exhibit that same mentality as all previous appointees, that of absolute indifference or contempt towards wild horses and burros, and continue on with the blatant and obvious inadequate actions which include ignoring advocate letters, refusing to place advocate appointees on the BLM Advisory Board and continue on with the very same “mindset” as the “all white, older male” ranchers, miners, Big Energy and many, many others that exploit public lands for profit. That these animals do not matter and should not be protected.

watch out for false prophets

These agencies also consider our  Wild Horses as “vermin” and an invasive species that should have absolutely no rights to occupy public lands, nor should these animals compete with ranchers and their “vested interests” by sharing the land, even though there is a law that protects them and they have absolute “priority” over public lands, not the other way around.

There is now a huge push to start interfering and regulating the reproduction cycles of Wild Mares through PZP, which is a known pesticide and will have forever lasting effects, all negative, on future reproduction cycles in these mares. The research is very clear, once these animals are repeatedly darted, they become sterile. The Cloud Foundation, and several others have completed their assessment of PZP and have written numerous articles stating the dangers of using PZP. Here is another scientific report that will help understand the dangers of using an unsound drug on Wild Horse herds. We have long time advocates also acting like the “Judas” horse by trying to convince other advocates that this is the only way forward, the only way to save our equines from this agency for future generations.  It is a lie. What is truly bothersome is to hear that mainstream advocacy groups are also agreeing with this rhetoric and even willing to point out which horses need to be sterilized over others.

Wait…..What????? So I guess by picking and choosing which animal is going to be sterilized in order to preserve a better specimen for future generations and by sterilizing the “lesser” horse, you have to ask this question, “Who made you God?” What is wrong with this scenario? Clearly animal eugenics in action and extremely disturbing behavior by people who profess to love these animals. It is truly sad to see that some horses are valued more than others.

In addition, this same agency (The Bureau of Land Management) has proposed to spay mares in the field. Even as a layperson, I know that performing a complex operation such as an ovariectomy on a wild animal in the field is dangerous and unsanitary.   It is not only dangerous for the animal, but also the person performing such an insane procedure, in dirty conditions.

The sad reality is that a recent HSUS article mislead so many people by backing up the Bureau of Land Management’s rhetoric that there are too many wild horses on public lands and the need for PZP to keep those populations in check. National Academy of Science report given to the Bureau of Land Management in 2011 has pretty much been ignored by this agency since its release.  The NAS stated “there is no evidence” of wild horse overpopulation in their report titled, “Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program A Way Forward”

Essentially, the Bureau of Land Management has ignored scientific studies repeatedly, as well as refused to allow any count whatsoever on how many cow/calf pairs are now occupying public lands through grazing permits at any time.  How can you remove horses/burros when you have no idea which animal is causing the majority of damage on public lands?  You can’t, again, trickery and obfuscation.

Clearly with over 50K now in holding facilities, there is a very real risk that if the continued recommendation from the very vocal pro-slaughter President of the BLM Advisory Board, Boyd Spratling wants the slaughter of those 50K in holding,  it will be just a matter of time before he and others convince Congress that it cannot maintain this many animals indefinitely and that slaughter is the only way forward.  By essentially storing over 50K, this was a planned, well executed man-made disaster in order to justify the wholesale extermination of these animals once and for all. So is the plan to sterlize using PZP.

And the reality is this, with the continued round ups, and Joan Guilfoyle admitting that they are now overcapacity in their holding pens and cannot take in one more horse, yet they continue weekly with roundups, the more important questions is why??? Why continue with roundups when they KNOW for a fact that they are out of room? Clearly, they really need to get Congress’ attention by overpopulating these facilities to show that there is a problem and must be addressed immediately.

Demand that your newly elected representatives start speaking for these sentient, gentle animals. Similarly, as women with the power to reproduce and bring life into the world, it is our obligated, maternal duty to protect those that are weaker as well. Please stand up for these “hard earned” reproductive rights that we currently enjoy and that so many women fought for in the the past.  And please stand up and speak out for future generations of Women and Wild Horses/Burros.

“What You Allow, Is What Will Continue”

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