CHDC News & Notes On AR Conference August 3-6, 2017

Most people have no understanding just how powerful a platform Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have on recruiting advocates to speak for farm animals, but especially equines. This was a brilliant post and worth every second of your time. If we as advocates want to add more eyes to this issue, it is imperative that we speak, share and talk about this issue with everyone. “What you allow is what will continue”

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition sent two directors to the Animal Rights Conference in Alexandria VA in August. This event is geared to the vegan community as well as animal welfare and rights.  We wanted to see how equine slaughter would fit into this advocacy.

Horses were not represented at all with one exception.  That was a booth from Ban Horse Draw Carriages who are based in Chicago.  We spoke with them at length about the plight of carriage horses as we know that many may end up with the Amish and then on to the auction and into the slaughter pipeline. We met many great animal advocates and attended many forums on animal welfare, and here’s a quick breakdown of our observations.

Loni meets Richard Couto

Loni’s Observations:

Horse slaughter, as mentioned previously, is very under-represented at these types of events.  You as a horse defender should consider exhibiting at…

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