Accountability and Transparency: Wild Horses and America’s Government

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murderers creek wild horses injured

“When the people become involved in their government, government becomes more accountable, and our society is stronger, more compassionate, and better prepared for the challenges of the future.” — Thomas Jefferson

Part Two – 29 Wild Horses Killed by Bureau of Land Management And the U.S. Forest Service; to establish an Open-Debate Platform for the Public, to take part in improvement of our Government Agencies and their conduct, by demanding accountability and transparency and making Public honest and truthful information on how our taxpayer money is spent.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that our current government needs to have more transparency, more accountability. Not the political type, as that is contrary to reality and fraught with falsity, distasteful and hate-directed propaganda mostly. Discussed here is the responsibility aspect of accountability, and nothing more can exemplify the necessity for this than the Wild Horse Herd Roundups.

Within this aspect…

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Inhumanity By Prescription

Very important information for those of you that are fighting the good fight for our equines. Staying informed means staying armed with the latest information in order to make your case crystal clear, no more horse slaughter on our watch.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

inhumanity by PrescriptionAs many of you know,  Dr. Ray Kellosalmi represented the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition and Canadian anti-slaughter advocates at the 2014 Equine Summit held by Equine Advocates.

There are 13 videos in the series,  all featuring different topics, and all are worth-watching.  Dr. Kellosalmi, Retired Physician & Board Member of the CHDC, gave his presentation entitled “Horse Slaughter & PMU:  Shared Disgrace, Shared Challenge.”  Dr. Ray is a medical doctor who was director of a medical centre involved in menopausal issues,  and he recently spoke at Parliament about toxicity issues with horsemeat along with MP Alex Atamanenko.  You call also watch Ray’s video segment from Equine Advocates below:

In addition to presenting at Equine Advocates,  Dr. Kellosalmi has also worked with United Animal Nations,  United Pegasus Foundation, The Ark Trust,  The American Horse Kellosalmi-r copyDefense Fund, ASPCA,  HSUS, and many others.  He also wrote a paper entitled “Inhumanity By…

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Too Big To Fact Check? ‘Not Our Job’ Says AP Editor

How will we ever be able to tell their stories if we have so many that are doing such incredible damage through these false news reports? Unconscionable. We need to hold them accountable.

Let’s start with Vickery’s suggestion.

“If the lack of media accountability bothers you, do this: tweet this article to every mainstream news source that got this story wrong (you can also follow me on Twitter @viglet). And the next time you see an error from any news organization, demand corrections. Politely contact the reporter, their editor, their corrections department, their standards editor and if necessary, their editorial board and CEO—and don’t give up until they do something.”

And here is a list of news agencies that you can forward this story for them to determine if they want to continue to support AP.

Too Big To Fact Check? ‘Not Our Job’ Says AP Editor.

BULLITIN: Confirmed — Bureau of Land Management’s Bait and Trap Roundup Kills 29 Wild Horses, as their Paperwork Shows Clearly! A $29,000 SCAM TO RECEIVE TAXPAYER MONEY

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At Murderer’s Creek, yes, we have “all” concluded that 29 Deaths were completed, if not directly then indirectly, from this particular, supposedly bait and trapping roundup –- the fact is also the use of Dead-Horses to assimilate increase in private contractor voucher’s and payments . . .

Administered by the Forestry – 75% and BLM – 25%.

I have just received confirmation from three-other sources, in regard to how the BLM insists upon minimal death rates, their number is 1% only and from all roundups — of wild horses from their administered roundups. Their fatality numbers, and reasons why, remain a travesty and highly untrue! The use of their paperwork, and wild horse movement from corral to corral is corrupt, falsified, but easily traceable — essentially creates the COVERUP and the misuse of taxpayer money toward Over-payments to private…

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Foal Sushi Anyone? ~ Live Export of Horses from Canada to JAPAN (To Be Slaughtered)

All Horses Go To Heaven



Basashi or Horse Meat Sushi

While horses have become a gentle companion and even pets to many people in most countries of the world, they have become so much a part of the Japanese cuisine.

In Japan, people eat basashi or raw horse meat cut in thin slices.

Basashi appears pink and is affectionately called sakura, referring to the well-loved Japanese flower cherry blossoms that are also pink in color.

Horse meat has become so popular in Japan that many people eat it in izakaya, Japanese-style drinking restaurants that are everywhere the country.

It is eaten as yakiniku or barbecue, as an ice cream, as a dessert, and even has canned versions.


persianhorsesushi2Per Anti-Horse-Slaughter Advocate ~  FINALLY EXPOSED!!! It has been said that the Japanese prefer Draft Horse Meat, that they buy from specific ranchers/dealers who specifically raise them in California and else where for sale to…

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Standlee’s “You Can Be The Difference!” Forage Drive

Tuesday's Horse



Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in The Standlee® “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program!

We have just passed the half-way mark to Standlee’s goal of donating 15,000 pounds of high-quality Premium Western Forage® to horses in need!

If you have not yet participated, there is still time to do it. This forage drive runs through the end of May so we still have 12 days to get about 800 people to participate–please help us reach this goal!

I’m including the details of the forage drive again for your reference, below:

Here’s how it works:

Standlee Premium Western Forage® will donate up to 9 pounds of forage per participant based on the following:

1. Each new subscriber to Standlee’s Newsletter (3 lbs donated);

2. Each Facebook “Like” of the Standlee® “You Can Be The Difference” Charity Program page at (3 lbs…

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IS IT NECESSARY TO COMPLETE WILD HORSE HERD ROUNDUPS — To Those Who have Knowledge About Such Things, Absolutely Not

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“Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us.” ― Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

This is an Editorial (a Freedom of Speech outlet), on something very troubling that exists today within our government agencies. Here I use the Bureau of Land Management as an example, as there is such an abundance of misinformation and lies coming from them constantly within the media, as well as placed over the Internet.

Today it is government agencies that use their capacity as a government entity to pass misinformation off to the Public as being truthful. Often it is easily acknowledged by those who, in this case, know horses and are well informed about Public Lands, that it is viewed as misinformation.

It is the duplicity of false information in an attempt to authenticate a government agencies, BLM, existence; their platform being that of Special Interests rather than the…

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Wild Horses versus Welfare Ranchers — Let’s Start Talking Truth

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Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and the virtues that made America. The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living and the get-rich-quick theory of life. –Theodore Roosevelt

America is at a crossroads with our Public Lands. We hear a lot recently from Welfare Rancher’s about their “rights being violated” and ironically, many of them do not accept our American style of government. Just as Ironic, Welfare Rancher’s use our Public Lands for grazing their cattle; and ironic again, these same Welfare Rancher’s receive or have received enormous amounts of subsidies from our taxpayer money (i.e. $ in the billions currently—see references from a 2005 GAO Report below).

But these same Welfare Rancher’s now “demand” our government to liquidate, Wild Horses from America’s Public lands — America’s Wild Horse Herds — America’s Heritage!

Their reasoning simple…

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