Any other agency under govt. control uses science to determine viability, why would this agency be excluded? It is ludicrous to believe that their budget should be excluded from using scientific data to determine their budgetary needs.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Research Collaboration by:
Kathleen Gregg Environmental Researcher
Lisa LeBlanc Environmental Researcher
Jesica Johnston Environmental Scientist
April 25, 2014


Twin PeaksThe recent National Academy of Science (NAS) report on the Wild Horse and Burro Program determined that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has no evidence of excess wild horses and burros; because the BLM has failed to use scientifically sound methods to estimate the populations (NAS, 2013). The NAS cited two chief criticisms of the Wild Horse and Burro program: unsubstantiated populations estimates in herd management areas (HMA), and management decisions that are not based on science (NAS, 2013).

Effective wild horse and burro management is dependent on accurate population counts and defensible assumptions. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) routinely uses the assumption that wild horse and burro herds increase annually at an average rate of 20%. However, our review of available scientific literature combined with an analysis of…

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Updated – Canadian Horse Slaughter Influences & Enablers 2014


horsemeat-copy2 Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

This infographic (downloadable here),  updated over my original 2012 version, exposes the hand-shaking and back-patting relationships, endorsements, and interconnectivity between the US and Canada. 

We can clearly see the tentacles of the Bill DesBarres’ Horse “Welfare” Association of Canada extending themselves into the breed associations,  farming groups,  Big Pharma, veterinary colleges and associations, and Equine Canada.  By way of the lobbyists in the IEBA,  we are influenced by Big Ag,  Dow and Monsanto,  Humanewatch and other organizations that not only advocate for horse slaughter,  but advocate for GMOs and against the EPA and indeed consumers in general. The Co-Chair position previously held by Sue Wallis is of course vacant, and it’s unknown whether the IEBA itself is actually a going concern., like so many of Wallis’ transitory slaughter groups. We’re unsure whether anyone has or will step into the position, as Sue Wallis was…

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BLM Bypasses Ginger Kathrens, R.T. Fitch and other (real) wild horse advocates once again

Again, only the people that will support the illegal activities and removal of our American Icons are appointed. Time for all advocates to create a similar organization to Western Watershed (see
Start buying up land using the Equine Land Conservation Resources (see purchase the Wild Horses and Burros that are currently in holding, put them on that land using the money from the BLM for creating a sanctuary. See and
Time to appoint our own folks that do have the welfare of the horses and burros in mind. We must stop waiting for our government to step up and think “outside of the box”. This is by no means supporting the removal of anymore Wild Horses/Burros from their rightful lands, this statement above is to help the 50,000 currently in holding.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Debbie Coffey, Vice President and Director of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation.    Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

In reading the BLM Press Release below, a few things stand out, besides the fact that we don’t see the names of Ginger Kathrens or R.T. Fitch on this list of people who were just appointed to the BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Nominees R.T. Fitch and Ginger Kathrens speak at press conference during BLM Advisory Board meeting in March 2013 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation Advisory Board Nominees R.T. Fitch and Ginger Kathrens speak at press conference during BLM Advisory Board meeting in March 2013 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

While Ginger Kathrens (Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation) has spent many years studying actual wild horse behavior on the range, BLM’s new appointee Dr. Sue M. McDonnellmaintains a semi-feral herd of ponies specifically for the study of their physiology and behavior under semi-natural conditions.”  McDonnell’s books are published by…

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NYC Carriage Horse Supporters – Words and Pictures


NYC Carriage Supporters banner

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Most people who oppose urban carriages are used to being told that they have “limited horse knowledge” or that they don’t live in New York City, etc. etc. and therefore have no right to render an opinion. But much of the propaganda being churned out in favour of the urban carriage industry is written by so-called journalists who are themselves seriously limited in their understanding not only of the business they are writing about, but of horses in general. Some authors are enviable in their ability to produce 10,000 words per day attesting to the carriage horses’ overall “happiness” and love of their work,  but again, they are also not “horse people.”  This observation does not seem to lend itself to criticism by the urban carriage trade though……

A great many comments I have seen over the last few months have been made by those who…

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Horses and Genetically Modified foods – A recipe for survival or extinction?


I have received a lot of emails about GM feeds, so I compiled a post that describes the basic information you need to know about GM in horse feeds, and the potential issues and dangers around them. I also post any new issues at the bottom of this page.

GMO – Genetically modified organisms are mankind’s way of producing desired effects within a plant/animal that nature either has not done yet, or cannot do. GM plants are created in a lab by scientists, that alter the DNA of the plant by adding a foreign gene into the plant’s DNA (one example was the flounder fish gene in tomatoes). It’s not an exact science, in the aspect that it works first time, every time. It can take years to perfect, adding millions to the cost of the experiment. The most common alteration to the plants horses eat (corn, sugar) is the…

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Letter to BLM: Stop the Criminal Conspiracy

Straight from the Horse's Heart

The important letter below was sent to listed parties of the BLM by a wild horse & burro advocate:

April 8, 2014

Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief BLM Division of Wild Horses and Burros

Juan Palma, Utah State Director, BLM

 Jenna Whitlock, Utah Associate State Director, BLM

Todd Christensen, Color Country Utah District Manager BLM

Salvatore R. Lauro Director, Office of Law Enforcement and Security BLM

BLM Utah State Office

Re: Threats to Capture Wild Horses in Utah in Violation to Federal Law

Dear Sirs/Madams:

Please stop this conspiracy to commit any illegal activity on public land before it goes any further.  The American people own the public lands and resources in the West and they are supposed to be administered and protected on our behalf by the national government under laws and regulations.  These are not “federal lands.”  They are public lands.  They never…

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