Armstrong Horses Escape Kill Buyers

Some good news, at least for these horses.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Initially the task of safe placement for 100 horses under a tight timeline seemed daunting – and downright impossible.

The CHDC became aware of the plight of about 100 horses belonging to an Armstrong man after the SPCA had seized 16 of them and sought the assistance of the Crown to rule on the remainder of the very large herd.  Under court order to dispose of his horses, the owner took them to Valley Auction, a facility that kill buyers regularly attend.  There was every reason to fear for the lives of these animals.  They were rescued from a situation deemed neglectful by the SPCA and the courts, only to be delivered into a risky environment where only the fortunate find good homes.  Meat dealers are happy to purchase horses who will bring them a profit.  Swept into the system like so many other “livestock” animals, they are considered meat…

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